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Green Island Car Wash Services
Green Island Car Wash Services
Worried about your running your car through a tunnel wash? No need. Green Island tunnel was completely remodeled in Feb 2009 with state of the art low pressure Soft N Foamy Peco wash system. The brushes are so soft you could literally stick your face in it without any worry. It utilizes Neoglide Foam brushes instead of cloth. The Neoglide brushes are non porous and hold absolutely no dirt that can be harmful to your cars finish. The wash is also low pressure which makes it safe for any vehicle including convertibles.
Services overview
Green Island Detail Shop offers a wide variety of services, hand waxing, buffing, paint claying, leather cleaning, conditioning, carpet cleaning, plastic, aluminum/chrome polishing, headlight restoration and more. We are equipped to all your detailing needs, whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle we can detail
Green Island offers a variety of wash packages, as well as offline hand washing for that special vehicle. If you cannot find a wash package that suits you just let one of our service advisors know what you would like, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Headlight Restoration
Ala Carte Services
- Chrome Polishing
- Wheel Cleaning
- Tire Dressing
- Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
- Interior and Exterior Protectant
- Carpet or Mat Shampooing
- Seat Shampooing
- Over Spray Removal
- Clay Treatment
- Tar Removal
- Hand Wax, Buffing & Polishing
- Headlight Restoration
- Engine Detailing
- Offline Handwash
*Not Responsible for mechanical damage
     as a result of Engine Cleaning

*Rain Check is Exterior Wash Only

*Gift Cards Available